hello lovely followers!  we’ve been absent for quite some time, and apologize for that.  unfortunately both mods ran issues the last few months.  unable to get prepaid time, broken computers, etc.  but now we’re both back online with valid accounts, and I (hello-gallifrey) built a new gaming rig with an amazing graphics setup to take screenshots.  this is what I’ve got:


all screenshots have already been picked through and will be made into palettes in the next coming weeks after I’ve finished my cross-country move and am settled in.

as a thank you to you all for sticking with us even when we weren’t posting anything, we’re going to be doing a GIVEAWAY soon, that will most likely be BATTLE PET related, so stay tuned for that.

anyway.  thanks for hanging around and still following, and watch in the next week or so for new palettes and contest info.

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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the inactivity.  Both of us have stopped playing for now, so we’re kind of lacking in the screenshots department.

We still welcome screenshot submissions, though!  Mod HG gets them though, I think, and she’s currently on vacation, but I’ll prod her whenever she gets back home.

We may also open up submissions of palettes you’ve made, so we don’t run out of content so fast!  I’ll talk it over with Mod HG, and we’ll figure out submission guidelines. :D

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burningtent : Can we send you screenshots?

Yes!  I’ve added a submit link to the theme just for this.  :)

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Hey everyone!  We’re going to be taking a short break for a couple of days.  Both of us ran out of prepaid time and out of screenshots.  Luckily one of us was able to resub, but we’ll need till Friday 21 Dec to stock up the queue for a couple weeks.  Please bear with us and hold out till then!

On a somewhat related note, we’re up to 260 followers!  Once we hit 300 we’re going to be having a giveaway.  :D

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